A Collection of Poems

This page is inspired by the Kokinwakashū (古今和歌集), loosely translating to a “A Collection of Poems Ancient and Modern” from the Heian period (平安時代) of Japan’s history. As my persona  and field of study is from the same era, therefore, I thought it might be fun to collect my poems from the month-long challenges issued on Tousando, in a similar manner as the poets of old.

I must make clear however, that the actual Kokinshū (古今集) – same book as before but stylized in its second accepted alternative naming – is more nuanced than what I have recreated through online algorithms. For instance, I have not edited how the poems are arranged within this internet anthology. I have not inspected them on each word nor have I placed them in a way as to run together into a storyline or appeal to the subtle characteristics of a change within a season. No dear reader, I have only collected all the poems that use WordPress’s “Tag” feature. Thus early spring poems might land side by side with late spring poems. Perhaps new love will inharmoniously sit adjacent with devastating betrayal. Only time will tell!

Maybe sometime in the future I will buckle down and review, edit, and arrange these beasts of language – but for now, this is mostly an experiment to see how often I call upon the wind in my poetry, and to explore the other subjects that Heian poets of old found worthy to put down in verse. So with that, please, grab a cup of something tasty, sit back, and enjoy the (uni)verse as painted by moi~

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Miscellaneous Forms

Court Poems

P.S. – If categories are annoying to you, feel free to read my poetry by date here.