An iris in bloom,
No introduction needed,
Just your attention.
Behold! The most beautiful!
…for beauty is in the eye…

Summertime sadness,
Is a beautiful thing that –
You will never know.
Forgive me for not being
Able to see life without.

I am perplexed by
The season of this morning
Cloaked in Autumn’s robes
I am kissed by Summer’s crown
But encased by Winter’s howl.

How I laughed and cried,
Under your green canopy,
It was Summer then,
My Marvelous Sequoia,
But Autumn’s law will not yield.

Sand between my toes
The sound of surf and seagulls
Sunscreen and wood smoke
A taste of salt in the air
Such sensory ocean sights.

Approaching our gate
Surcoat lined in silver swirls
This dark traveler,
A stranger to Summer Courts
With arms open, welcome him!

How about poppies
pleasing yellow-orange Flowers
rare in downtown, aye
yet moving your feelings right
i envy no daisy sway.

The wall loomed ahead
Ever intimidating
The wall stepped closer
I stood frozen and in awe
A wall made of water drops.

Can you imagine?
Longer days in the sunlight
Tall golden grasses
Humbled by a cloudless sky
A paradise lost to drought

Could this be the one?
The stone was cold to the touch,
Its edges rounded,
A solid teardrop in grey,
Perfect for the future flight.