This is my attempt at organization and categorization. I have not done much, but what I have done should show up below. Special categories or big ticket items are listed separately below the over-arching categorization. This list will most likely be updated as I develop more skills.

Garb – a running list of clothing projects as they occur.
Encampment – how I live while at overnight events (should I ever venture out that far of The City).
  • The Autumn Pavilion (bonus points for self referencing the blog title)
Accessories – a catch all for all the other things I do that do not fall into the other categories.
  • Nothing yet here!
Games – does what it says on the tin.
Poetry – poems throughout the seasons collected in the classical manner.
West Kingdom Roll of Arms – I am an artist for the Kingdom of the West. I take your device(s) or badge(s) and vectorize them! It is my goal that I depict it accurately. Give me a shout out if something needs to change!
  • Completed Devices
  • Some of my personal favorites