Who would have guessed it

My love for every season

Could be distilled and

Captured within these verses

Month by month, year over year.

End of an Era!

For the employee or firm?

Perhaps both are true.

But growth requires great changes,

Sometimes at the highest level.

Oh to move again!

To bend and to stretch- to sway!

All without breaking,

Though pain still lingers or flares,

They are dull embers, not flame.

Just breathe in- and out,

Like the sun and the moon rising,

Focus on the breathing,

Rather than that other thing,

This unexpected displeasure.

Hold your head up high,

Keep your eyes forward and move.

They look to you now,

Marching in the mud and storm,

Luck be with you rainbow scout.

A soft whisper drifts,

Upon a sunbeam filtered,

Through the window slats –

“Sharpen the pencil and mind,

Poetry month has arrived.”