Daylight melts to blue,
Yielding to the curtain call,
Of conductor moon,
And her starlight symphony,
Playing notes often unheard.

yes, we have arrived
our thirty day journey ends
but not forever.
like the fullness of the moon
my poetry will return.

newly minted tomes,
containing information,
that I am seeking,
and yet my eyes betray me,
searching for sheets tucked, not bound.

I must stay awake!
For if I do not fight sleep,
It will capture me…
Wait! …what am I saying now?
*jumps promptly into her bed*

Weaving wordplays pause
Material rich velvet
Cut, pinned, and ready.
Breathing deep, I steel myself!
No worries, I have bandaids.

It is days like these,
that you must laugh at yourself,
and your misfortune.
Romance and food poisoning:
What more could /this/ woman want?