Green tea in my cup
Still, warm and waiting for me,
To make the next move.
But all I can do is stare
Alice, is this how you felt?

Without any word,
You left for another life,
It saddened me so.
But under that hurt, there was:
Hope – That you found happiness.

Too long has it been,
Since these halls heard our laughter,
Amazing delight!
Woe is my sprint back homeward
As the sun sets to the West.

It is near the end
And it always saddens me
Where does the time go?
Like The Seasons, poems are
An ephemeral language.

May your packs be light,
Your trails green and hazard free,
Be your weather fair!
I sing, “Goodbye my friend!” with
Raised glasses and raised spirits.

The path is obscured
And forward is all I know
So with careful steps
I make my way through the night
Hoping I do not disturb.

Looking up I see
Eyes of grey and crystal blue
I often wonder
Will you remember my eyes
Moving windows of the world.