What fair wind is this?

Crisp and sweet without a kiss-

From Winter’s white lips.

Could it be that Spring has sprung?

As was promised in Autumn?

Deceptive sunlight,

Filters between vibrant green,

Neon in color!

But a breeze will cool the skin

Beware Winter’s last caress.

I weave through the trees

Tall, skinny, skeletal white

Juxtaposed against

My rosy cheeks and red lips

A modern red riding hood.

Winter’s gate closes

In its wake Spring comes again

A cycle renewed

Sprouts tracking above the blue

That which gives us radiance

Grey clouds gathering

Where the sky meets the ocean

At the Western gate

I see the oncoming storm

Welcoming the Winds of Spring

Winter froze my muse,
But each letter, word, and verse~
Thaws the deepest freeze.
Poetry is my spring rain,
My unashamed thunderclap.

I am perplexed by
The season of this morning
Cloaked in Autumn’s robes
I am kissed by Summer’s crown
But encased by Winter’s howl.

skies growing darker

grey curtains veil the sunset

trees no longer red

and the wind picks up in speed

this, our first kiss from winter

my canyon city

through biting winds i travel

thinly tree-lined streets

a moments’ respite reveals

clouds devouring the full moon