Out- in our garden,

Leaves of green make their debut,

Pink- petals falling,

Are you a sakura’s tear?

Weeping with friend yanagi?

I open my blinds

The apple out my window

Greets me with great blooms

White petals and a sweet smell

Holding a promise of fruit

This peaceful moment:

You, me, and the sound of rain.

A soft percussion,

Dropping bubbly brook beats,

That crescendos rapidly.

Refreshing shower,

Gives way to clear blue,

Framed by warm white clouds,

This must be what a painter

Feels after the final stroke.

What fair wind is this?

Crisp and sweet without a kiss-

From Winter’s white lips.

Could it be that Spring has sprung?

As was promised in Autumn?

Golden sunset shines

Through pea-sized water droplets

Crystalline clear

Trailing a fuzzy rainbow

Where one would expect shadow

Dew kissed and glowing

A set of golden roses

Arise from the East

Greeting the Northwest anew

Both perfumed and thorned alike.

A steady rhythm

You, me, and where the road meets the sky

We laughed our way South

Cheerful Bluebonnets waving

As we pass at highway speeds.