I have loved the thing
You so passionately hate

With every fiber

Of my being, I will stand
For a world where we can love.

She’s skinny dipping,
Unashamed. Of her pale skin,
Luna jumps right in!
Splashing through the Milky Way,
“Floating stars come out and play?”

This forest knows us,
And the games we play below.
Empty oak branches,
No longer obscure the view.
Our laughter, pauses mid-sigh.

White wondrous world,
Above the horizon line,
Tell us a tall tale,
Of an ocean so somber,
It brings you to silver tears.

Beyond my doorstep,
A jealous Pacific moans,
Clawing at the shore,
Where winding concrete ribbons,
Flirt with salt-kissed cypress trees.

This candle burns on,
Lighting the way for others,
But will it burn me?
“What Folly!” I say aloud,
As I light another match.

Summertime sadness,
Is a beautiful thing that –
You will never know.
Forgive me for not being
Able to see life without.

It is days like these,
that you must laugh at yourself,
and your misfortune.
Romance and food poisoning:
What more could /this/ woman want?

Without any word,
You left for another life,
It saddened me so.
But under that hurt, there was:
Hope – That you found happiness.