End of an Era!

For the employee or firm?

Perhaps both are true.

But growth requires great changes,

Sometimes at the highest level.

I am of two minds,

Warring for a single heart,

Forty hands holding,

Only so much weight before –

A trust fall is just falling.

An endless walk

Or so it would regard us

Without thoughtfullness

It marches side by side us

Ready to strike at the heart.

The sadness of war

Contrasted with the simple

Yellow Warbler’s song

Bringing such melancholy

On an early Sunday morn

What pain is this friend

For so long our journey has

Been breathtakingly

Peaceful. Staisfactory?

I hardly know this wordplay

It will be summer,

Before I see you again.

One full rotation.

Do you still have your smile lines?

Or have they turned to sorrow?