Lightening strikes The Bay!
Quickly and without warning.
We throw curses back,
But the storm continues past,
Unimpressed with our shouting.

Green tea in my cup
Still, warm and waiting for me,
To make the next move.
But all I can do is stare
Alice, is this how you felt?

White wondrous world,
Above the horizon line,
Tell us a tall tale,
Of an ocean so somber,
It brings you to silver tears.

Summertime sadness,
Is a beautiful thing that –
You will never know.
Forgive me for not being
Able to see life without.

A single tear falls,
My cheek then caught unawares,
This unannounced guest,
Unwelcome but there with key,
Goodnight gentle Papa Bear.

Like a well run dry
I have no more energy.
Efforts great and small
I watch as you discard them
Shoes squishing my everything.

These tears freely fall
Like leaves on an autumn breeze
How fragile we are
With uncertain tomorrows
Paris Mon Coeur tend la main.

These words slowly drip
Like candle wax on cake, yet –
There was no party
And the light was extinguished
Before I could make a wish.