Candles all aglow,

Laughter and good company,

Warm Taco Thursdays, 

These simple things make moments,

That bring me that hygge feel.

It is days like these,
that you must laugh at yourself,
and your misfortune.
Romance and food poisoning:
What more could /this/ woman want?

Happy Thanksgiving!
To my family and friends:
May your day be bright,
Your stomachs full of food, but~
Remember: eat dessert first!

My goodness the trees!
How tall they grow together
With long winding roads
Leading to a friendly feast
Where apple pie is best pie

Such disappointment
In my time management skills
And yet there is bliss
Like bitter-sweet chocolate
In fresh baked home style cookies

Sweet maple syrup
Over flapjacks stacked five high
Laced in white sugar
Accented with strawberries
Or blueberries in a pinch.

These words slowly drip
Like candle wax on cake, yet –
There was no party
And the light was extinguished
Before I could make a wish.