Stop me if you dare!

Cries the flame against the wind,

It is my end goal,

To be more than a flicker,

Against the darkest of times.

This peaceful moment:

You, me, and the sound of rain.

A soft percussion,

Dropping bubbly brook beats,

That crescendos rapidly.

Refreshing shower,

Gives way to clear blue,

Framed by warm white clouds,

This must be what a painter

Feels after the final stroke.

A soft whisper drifts,

Upon a sunbeam filtered,

Through the window slats –

“Sharpen the pencil and mind,

Poetry month has arrived.”

What fair wind is this?

Crisp and sweet without a kiss-

From Winter’s white lips.

Could it be that Spring has sprung?

As was promised in Autumn?

Golden sunset shines

Through pea-sized water droplets

Crystalline clear

Trailing a fuzzy rainbow

Where one would expect shadow

Out my window I see

The season playing with me

Calling me a fool

“You think it to be Spring time?”

Mocks the north wind, “Give them hail!”

Such rhythms today!

Clouded skies crying to clear,

Blue so breathtaking,

Even The Sun was in awe!

Flush as a cherry in bloom.

Deceptive sunlight,

Filters between vibrant green,

Neon in color!

But a breeze will cool the skin

Beware Winter’s last caress.