Out- in our garden,

Leaves of green make their debut,

Pink- petals falling,

Are you a sakura’s tear?

Weeping with friend yanagi?

I open my blinds

The apple out my window

Greets me with great blooms

White petals and a sweet smell

Holding a promise of fruit

Such rhythms today!

Clouded skies crying to clear,

Blue so breathtaking,

Even The Sun was in awe!

Flush as a cherry in bloom.

What was singular,

Explodes into one thousand,

Pastel pink petals,

Like a silent fireworks show

Celebrating Lady Spring.

Your wonderful words,
Carried by an Autumn song.
Round, and crystal-clear.
Such is your Siren’s call that,
Even the trees are blushing.

Deciduous trees,
“Holding back” the howling wind,
Sadly, with each gust,
A pale yellow tragedy,
Falling towards the forest floor.

Like branches in Spring,
Our laughter reaches upwards,
Taller than the trees!
Were I to grow with such speed,
Would The Redwoods be jealous?

My goodness the trees!
How tall they grow together
With long winding roads
Leading to a friendly feast
Where apple pie is best pie