The rise and the fall

Another season’s turning

Ripen on the vine

That is the year twenty three

And two-thousand new vintage

Time slips through fingers

Like a handful of warm sand

Each grain falling away

Yet as empty as I feel

Time clings under fingernails

The day got away

Father time drove by without

Even a hello

Saw the sunset fall through clouds

A brief respite from my screens

Hello my ink well!

Yes, it has been a long time.

The longest March yet!

But do not worry so much,

Last year was just a chapter.

Little wicked thing!

This entity we call time.

How it rules our world!

Why do we shackle ourselves,

When bliss lives in the moment?

On this day I pause

Reflecting on the past year

Sizing up the next

Planning for what is to come

And the world keeps on turning

Tonight, star gazing!

Hoping for a shooting star

To catch my wishes

I feel young! And I feel old…

As my eyes wane with the moon.