A well-built breakfast,

Starting before a sunrise,

Two eggs and wheat toast

Jam, potatoes, and my friends,

These are the things I crave.

Friendship looks like bread,

Specifically banana,

Baked to perfection,

Hand delivered by beauties,

Grinning ear to ear with joy.

Each day grows darker,

But today you lit the room,

With love and laughter.

Like the songs of our youth said,

“Make new friends, but keep the old.”

Candles all aglow,

Laughter and good company,

Warm Taco Thursdays, 

These simple things make moments,

That bring me that hygge feel.

Greetings! Come in! Drink!

Now is the season for mugs,

Together they sing,

Raised high and filled with sunlight.

“To the spoils of Autumn!”