What pain is this friend

For so long our journey has

Been breathtakingly

Peaceful. Staisfactory?

I hardly know this wordplay

This our first dinner

Together after a /year/

Such exquisite taste

Still distant and cold outside

But my heart two times fuller

I breathe in deeply

Reflect at the waters edge

Outside with no mask

What a strange feeling this is

An old forgotten normal.

Day two in review,

I do not hear the alley,

Nor see the sun rise,

Transfixed by the monitor,

My only doorway outside.

Reaching the summit

Is pure exhilaration

I am still weary

From the journey to this point

But joy is what we all need

What odd sensations

My tongue feels false in my mouth

Metallic, slug-like

Fingers and toes feel blunted

As if stubbed repeatedly

I defy the thought

I chose to weather with you

Every season’s gift

Summer’s fruit, Autumn’s harvest,

And Winter’s delicate kiss.

Out every window

The message rings loud and clear,

“Alone together,”

My eyes go watercolor,

The view is still beautiful.