Reaching the summit

Is pure exhilaration

I am still weary

From the journey to this point

But joy is what we all need

On this day I pause

Reflecting on the past year

Sizing up the next

Planning for what is to come

And the world keeps on turning

What odd sensations

My tongue feels false in my mouth

Metallic, slug-like

Fingers and toes feel blunted

As if stubbed repeatedly

I defy the thought

I chose to weather with you

Every season’s gift

Summer’s fruit, Autumn’s harvest,

And Winter’s delicate kiss.

Chemo brain is real

Second guessing every move

Doubting what you said

Or what your thought you had said

Or when you thought you said it.

A year of new things:

Today, I razored my head,

Cancer wanted it,

I said, “take it!” on my terms,

Battle lost but not the war!

Here on the West shores,

Where Pacific Ocean meets,

A Bay side City,

We shelter in place waiting,

Wishing walks in empty streets.