Oh Nadaka:

We remember you all.

Dear Nadaka,

Can you hear our call?

Sweet Nadaka!

Spring, Summer or Fall.

We loved Nadaka,

But they sold you all.

These arms wide open,

Your trees are so tall.

WoHelo is open,

Our Camp Fire’s for all,

With eyes wide open!

We saw you fall.

Our hearts cut open,

But they sold you all.

But they sold you all

Down by The Sandy,

Our story bgeins,

At Camp Namanu,

Where the sun bronzed our skins.

We played in the meadow,

I scuffed up my shins,

You kissed them all better,

Under Gemini twins.

A song entered my heart,

And it played out on strings,

Woven together,

Among fairies with wings.

“We’ll walk up a creek,”

Our leader she sings,

“Learn about all the forest,

The birds and the bee stings.”

We tie dyed our shirts,

Under all of those trees,

Ate PB&J,

Our laughter on the breeze.

Glowing embers at camp fires

And the week, it will end,

We’ll make all those memories

WoHeLo my friend

Down by the old stream,

We sang our songs by starlight,

Built boats out of bark,

Leaves, flowers, and a candle

To carry our wish to sea.

Come and join me here
Gather around the camp fire
Share a song or two
Spread cheer and chocolate squares
Between s’mores cooked golden brown.

little twisted bridge

over old babbling brook

lift our spirits high

on sweet songs and small candles

floating dreams on bark and leaves