Each day grows darker,

But today you lit the room,

With love and laughter.

Like the songs of our youth said,

“Make new friends, but keep the old.”

Dawn breaks the silence

Light pink clouds laced yellow orange

Birds rejoice in song

Chasing away the starlight

With warm winds beneath their wings

Trick-or-treating done,

Halloween was so much fun!

But now a new day-

Blooms across The Eastern Bay,

How I long for Fall to stay!

Your wonderful words,
Carried by an Autumn song.
Round, and crystal-clear.
Such is your Siren’s call that,
Even the trees are blushing.

Deciduous trees,
“Holding back” the howling wind,
Sadly, with each gust,
A pale yellow tragedy,
Falling towards the forest floor.

This forest knows us,
And the games we play below.
Empty oak branches,
No longer obscure the view.
Our laughter, pauses mid-sigh.