Biting winter wind,

Rolling through the alleyway,

Making spring the fool,

Or so it would seem to me,

And my tissue paper coat.

Winter froze my muse,
But each letter, word, and verse~
Thaws the deepest freeze.
Poetry is my spring rain,
My unashamed thunderclap.

Beyond my doorstep,
A jealous Pacific moans,
Clawing at the shore,
Where winding concrete ribbons,
Flirt with salt-kissed cypress trees.

You look so peaceful,
Gliding there, nonchalantly~
Barely a ripple.
One would not realize the storm,
Just below the water’s edge.

crawling crystal skies
dark watercolor clouds paint
with such vibrancy!
As far as the eyes can see
a carpet, of superb blooms.

like lightening it strikes
but unlike the classic storm
there was no thunder
unless of course you count my
groans and moans of agony


Ignoring my doubt,
My heart stumbles forward with,
Unannounced passion.
Like this storm of wind and rain,
There is no way to tame me.

My divided heart~
Laid bare for all to witness,
For which would you choose?
Still nights and cherry blossoms?
Or Spring breezes and pink snow?

Sand between my toes
The sound of surf and seagulls
Sunscreen and wood smoke
A taste of salt in the air
Such sensory ocean sights.

The wall loomed ahead
Ever intimidating
The wall stepped closer
I stood frozen and in awe
A wall made of water drops.