I arose today

Before a sweetened sunrise

And I rode the clouds

To the Pacific Ocean

Making faces at The Moon

See the 

World below,

Drift away 

Without effort,

Take flight 

Into blue,

Skies gilded 

Silver and white,

Backlit by a 

Golden sun.

Not every poem,

Will glitter and sparkle so –

No matter how much,

You polish or cut away,

Some will be rough and tumble.

The words come slowly…
On unsteady legs they rise,
Resisting stage fright.
Under a single spotlight,
Each verse shall bud and blossom.

Emotional stroke
Frozen in space and in time
Window framed in gold
Neatly placed upon a wall
Waiting for your pilgrimage

Beyond my doorstep,
A jealous Pacific moans,
Clawing at the shore,
Where winding concrete ribbons,
Flirt with salt-kissed cypress trees.

This candle burns on,
Lighting the way for others,
But will it burn me?
“What Folly!” I say aloud,
As I light another match.

Flying through the air,
Only to land once again,
On this earthly plane.
Does flight feel this free for birds?
Is this their everyday bore?

Stars will pass us by~
On the Milky Way express~
We are unafraid!
Comfort lies with our journey,
Not cosmic destinations.