Tonight, star gazing!

Hoping for a shooting star

To catch my wishes

I feel young! And I feel old…

As my eyes wane with the moon.

Let my candle burn

The brightest flame it can be

Against darkest night

I wish to shine like a star

Reflecting in deep blue hues

The sun sets beyond,

A yawning horizon line,

Capped white waves rolling,

Sprinkled with a sailors song,

For swimming fish and starlight.

Down by the old stream,

We sang our songs by starlight,

Built boats out of bark,

Leaves, flowers, and a candle

To carry our wish to sea.

She’s skinny dipping,
Unashamed. Of her pale skin,
Luna jumps right in!
Splashing through the Milky Way,
“Floating stars come out and play?”

Stars will pass us by~
On the Milky Way express~
We are unafraid!
Comfort lies with our journey,
Not cosmic destinations.

exhausted I fall
deep into a feathered dream
through the shadowed gate
just past the midnight draw bridge
a starlight palace awaits