Who would have guessed it

My love for every season

Could be distilled and

Captured within these verses

Month by month, year over year.

The page and I stare

Blankly back at each other.

A game of chicken.

“How do you write poetry

When days all run together?”

Each spring they gather

From all corners of the World

Ink at the ready

Listen closely, Close your eyes

You can hear the poets sing.

Hello my ink well!

Yes, it has been a long time.

The longest March yet!

But do not worry so much,

Last year was just a chapter.

Let us turn the page,

Take up the quill and begin,

A new storyline,

An adventure to fill up,

Our weary bodies and soul.

With minutes to spare

She lets the words flow through her


Spitting black in on the page

Rorschach in all its beauty