“Oh good night,” I sing,

To a rising, merry moon,

Her silence greets me,

A full mirrored reflection,

Dazzling the waters edge.

I arose today

Before a sweetened sunrise

And I rode the clouds

To the Pacific Ocean

Making faces at The Moon

Daylight melts to blue,
Yielding to the curtain call,
Of conductor moon,
And her starlight symphony,
Playing notes often unheard.

yes, we have arrived
our thirty day journey ends
but not forever.
like the fullness of the moon
my poetry will return.

Private waterfall
Wash away the moons’ embrace
Refresh the morning
Let me break my fast upon
Horizons, sunny side up.

I sit and I sew
With silk thread and moon needles
A running stitch dream
Pale against the midnight sky
Each finger prick a new star.