May these memories,

Fill you with joy, not sadness,

For they are not lost,

Just tucked away for a time,

To be remembered again.

When brambles obscure

And block your journey upward

Fight your way through it

The valleys from your journey

Are beautiful from above

While your road may be…

Difficult to bear sometimes,

Take time to reflect.

You life is YOUR storyline,

Of ALL  your destinations.

Emotional stroke
Frozen in space and in time
Window framed in gold
Neatly placed upon a wall
Waiting for your pilgrimage

yes, we have arrived
our thirty day journey ends
but not forever.
like the fullness of the moon
my poetry will return.

This candle burns on,
Lighting the way for others,
But will it burn me?
“What Folly!” I say aloud,
As I light another match.

Stars will pass us by~
On the Milky Way express~
We are unafraid!
Comfort lies with our journey,
Not cosmic destinations.

Alone in this world,
I set forth on my journey.
Let the trumpets sound!
Let the percussionist play!
I will rise to meet this storm.

Without my consent,
Tossed aside and into dirt,
I am forgotten.
For a seasons turn I sleep,
Before I blossom in red.

Looking up I see
Eyes of grey and crystal blue
I often wonder
Will you remember my eyes
Moving windows of the world.