Jinmaku Designs

Today I spent the better part of the day, reading, writing, and generally learning about jinmaku (陣幕) – simply known as camp curtains or screens. To me, this is a simple item for your Japanese encampment that gives it more of a Japanese feel while assisting in hiding the modern amenities you might have brought with you from the current times (coolers, strollers, cars, etc.).

Below you will find an image of my musings using the sangaibishi (三階菱heraldic device I am currently considering for my kamon (家紋). While the sangaibishi is shown in purple (or purpure tincture for you budding heralds out there), I am not married to the color yet as I have yet to register the device (more on that to come). That said, I hope to purchase or create two copies of these curtains for the 2017 eventing season. Wish me luck!