Dew kissed and glowing

A set of golden roses

Arise from the East

Greeting the Northwest anew

Both perfumed and thorned alike.

Slowly the wheel turns,

Cool breezes laced with sunshine,

Greet us each morning,

Along with yellow blossoms,

Buzzing with busy bumbles.

The words come slowly…
On unsteady legs they rise,
Resisting stage fright.
Under a single spotlight,
Each verse shall bud and blossom.

An iris in bloom,
No introduction needed,
Just your attention.
Behold! The most beautiful!
…for beauty is in the eye…

crawling crystal skies
dark watercolor clouds paint
with such vibrancy!
As far as the eyes can see
a carpet, of superb blooms.

How about poppies
pleasing yellow-orange Flowers
rare in downtown, aye
yet moving your feelings right
i envy no daisy sway.